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Fierce. Memorable. Sexy.

Performing on stages across the globe, Jess Mews is one of the most recognised hula hoop artists on the market. Her attention to detail, musicality and dedication create captivating routines that are loved by audiences of all ages.

Starting her artistic training at the early age of five, Jess specialised in not only manipulation but dance and theatre giving her performances a unique twist. By seventeen years old, Jess was representing Australia at the International Circus Festival in Asia. 

Spinning up to 100 hula hoops at a time, her fast and fiery persona has become famous on the stages of Strut and Fret, Circus Oz, Short Round Productions and 7 Fingers.

Jess can intuitively adapt her act to suit any event or production, leaving your audience in rapturous awe.


"frankly dizzying"​

- NZ Press

"Fantastic hula hoop work"​

- AU Review

"exquisite prop control!"​

- SEESAW Magazine


- Arts Hub Australia


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From complete beginners to advanced masters, Jess loves teaching people how to hula hoop. Not only is it great exercise, but you’ll have a blast doing it too!

For the past 15 years she has specialised in splitting and multi-hooping with a focus on spinal safety. Learning the correct technique will speed up your learning and keep your body happy.

Get in contact if you’d like more information on her coaching style, or would like to book in a private or group session.

* virtual lessons are available*

Jess Mews poses at Adelaide Fringe
Jess Mews hula hooping 4 hoops
Jess Mews at the Rechabite Hall
Jess Mews at Wrekd

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